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n0% Green home– these are cleaners and detergents that have environmental characteristics. They combine the rational use of natural resources and prevent environmental pollution..

In the development of Green Home products, environmental, safety, cleaning and cleaning properties were observed. The basis of the Green Home recipe includes natural ingredients that are naturally endowed with excellent cleaning and cleansing properties, and have good biological cleavage..

ECO products (dishwashing gels, liquid soap, cleansing cream) contain natural ingredients: apple cider vinegar, baking soda, mustard, natural soap, lemon juice, marble powder. They perfectly cope with any pollution, remove fat and do not harm the environment, because they are of natural origin.

All products are certified by the ecological certificate according to the international standard ISO 14024.

The line of ECO products is represented by the pharmaceutical research center “Beauty Alliance”. This is a Ukrainian company established in 2000.

This line includes the following ECO products:

  • ECO dishwashing liquid
  • ECO cleaners and wet cleaners
  • ECO detergents
  • ECO household liquid soap
  • ECO universal cleaning cream on natural marble powder